Sunday, November 15, 2015

Star Trek

The movie Star Trek has many technologies which are just impossible to create at this point in time.  In the movie Star Trek there are a lot of them.  Two which I will be explaining is Warp Drive and also Teleportation.  Both of these things were required for the movie to work.  Teleportation was probably the second most important false technology they had.  Without teleportation, Kirk would have been stuck on the ice planet with no way of getting back onto the Enterprise.  Without a way back onto it, there is no way that he would have been able to take Spock's place as the captain of the ship and Earth would have been destroyed by the mining ship and red matter.  The reason that we cannot create teleportation is because we do not have a way to take the molecules that make up a person and move it to a completely different place which is over thousands of miles away.  Not only would we need to be able to get these molecules from point A to point B fast, but in the same position as they were when they were sent.  If the molecules were not in the same place as they were sent, then it could lead to catastrophic results, such as death and other things which we have no idea about because we haven't tried teleportation.  The technology I feel that is more important is Warp Drive because without warp drive, the ships would have taken way too long to get from planet to planet and there would be no way for Spock to save the elders and also no way for the Enterprise to get back to Earth.  This would also slow the movie down.  Without warp drive we are not even sure how far apart the planets are so it could not be feasible for the same people to leave from Earth and arrive at Spock's home world because they would have aged to a point where they could be dead or much much older.  Warp drive would be going faster than the speed of light.  That is not possible at this time because we cannot make anything travel faster than the speed of light due to Einstein's theory of relativity.  While Einstein's theories still hold, warp drive is not achievable.

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  1. Actually, both of these ideas have been tested in laboratories, although not on the scale needed to do what is portrayed in the movie. As for teleportation, the ideas isn't that you actually move the object's molecules, but rather than you transform all the matter of the object into energy, transport the energy, and then reconvert the energy back into matter. The difficulty is in storing and transferring the tremendous amount of information required to assemble a living organism.

    The warp drives get around the limits of relativity because it is not actually the ship that is traveling faster than the speed of light, but space itself, which relativity allows. The warp drive shrinks the space in front of the ship and expands the space behind it. This also avoids the issue of time dilation.