Sunday, November 8, 2015

Moral Consequences of Science

Both the movie "Gojira" and "Fat Man and Little Boy" had scientists which did not want to use the work they had created.  In "Gojira" it is clear what the position of the scientist is.  The scientist who created the Oxygen Destroyer did not want to use it because he was afraid of what the spectators would do about it.  He did not believe that the world would be safe after its use because other countries would work towards having their own oxygen destroyer and leading to wars which use it.  The scientist said that if it was weaponized it could lead to complete annihilation of any life on Earth.  This relates to the scientists working on the nuclear bombs because what actually ended up happening is other countries started working hard on making their own nuclear bombs and eventually the Cold War started which could have ended in total annihilation of most of the United States and Russia and other places.  In "Fat Man and Little Boy" most of the scientists only had a limited view on what they were doing at the start.  They only looked at it as a way to end Germany and the war.  As they got closer and closer to the end of the project, that was when scientists started to realize the impact it would have.  They were worried about the effect it would have on the people in Japan.  The head scientist, however did not think of the consequences but was thinking of the fame he would have for ending the war.  The scientist in "Gojira" was like the scientists at the end of "Fat Man and Little Boy" because they both did not want to release their creation on the Earth in fear of who else might try to recreate it and use it.  If I were on the Manhattan Project, I would not be able to finish it after realizing what the radiation would do.  I would feel responsible for any lives lost and also for what happened to Michael when he touched the core.  I would not feel right in developing a weapon which can make the area it affects uninhabitable for a period of time and also affects the innocents who are just trying to live.  This would cause me to feel responsible for ruining generations of lives and also people who were not involved in the war.  This would not be something I could bear.

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  1. You don't have a fear that "evil" nations will develop these weapons, leaving us at a disadvantage if we don't have them, too? Is it necessary for a "moral" nation to have the "biggest stick"? If so, whose responsibility is it to develop it?