Sunday, November 22, 2015

Intersteller Wormhole Blog

In Interstellar, out main characters use a wormhole to go from one star system to another in order to find a planet which can sustain life as Earth is dying.  In order for a wormhole to be traversable, it would need to have a negative energy.  This type of matter is called "exotic matter" and it can exist.  This means that out hero's would have been able to get through.  In a wormhole, light if shown in a circular pattern, would have its cross-sections shrink as it got towards the "center" of the wormhole.  As it started to leave, it would then increase in its cross section.  Exotic matter can miraculously exist but that is not what we are talking about on this blog.  A wormhole is made by two singularities connecting.  Once the two points connect, there is a tunnel through the next dimension which is created.  In a non-traversable one, light cannot be sent through as the wormhole will collapse before the light can make it through.  These wormholes will increase in diameter and after hitting a certain point will start to shrink until it collapses on itself.  If you can go through a wormhole, it can take you to a distant place in which seems like a smaller distance.  If one were to open in our solar system it may be able to take us to another galaxy or just the next star system over.  We do not know enough about wormholes to accurately tell how far it will take you as we have not only never seen one, but never have been through one.  In a wormhole which you can go through, we do not know what the entrances look like.  Because of this there are only predictions.  One of the predictions is that it will look like a crystal ball.  In the natural world, wormholes cannot exist without something putting it there.  In the see-able universe, we do not see anything which will turn into a wormhole as it ages.  Astronomers are able to see objects which will turn into black holes but nothing with the possibility of a wormhole.  This may be because the wormhole requires two locations to connect through another dimension.  This would be very unlikely.  We can also not see if one were to form because we cannot peer into the next dimension.  As of right now I see no way that we can create a wormhole nor can I fathom a being which exists in the next dimension, as I cannot picture the next dimension.  All in all, wormholes are crazy things which contain matter which has a negative energy and also can take you from point A to point B in a short distance even if they are 100's of light-years away.

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  1. A worthy topic to consider. Your post was a little difficult to follow, though. I wish you had spent more time organizing your thoughts.