Sunday, November 22, 2015

Intersteller Wormhole Blog

In Interstellar, out main characters use a wormhole to go from one star system to another in order to find a planet which can sustain life as Earth is dying.  In order for a wormhole to be traversable, it would need to have a negative energy.  This type of matter is called "exotic matter" and it can exist.  This means that out hero's would have been able to get through.  In a wormhole, light if shown in a circular pattern, would have its cross-sections shrink as it got towards the "center" of the wormhole.  As it started to leave, it would then increase in its cross section.  Exotic matter can miraculously exist but that is not what we are talking about on this blog.  A wormhole is made by two singularities connecting.  Once the two points connect, there is a tunnel through the next dimension which is created.  In a non-traversable one, light cannot be sent through as the wormhole will collapse before the light can make it through.  These wormholes will increase in diameter and after hitting a certain point will start to shrink until it collapses on itself.  If you can go through a wormhole, it can take you to a distant place in which seems like a smaller distance.  If one were to open in our solar system it may be able to take us to another galaxy or just the next star system over.  We do not know enough about wormholes to accurately tell how far it will take you as we have not only never seen one, but never have been through one.  In a wormhole which you can go through, we do not know what the entrances look like.  Because of this there are only predictions.  One of the predictions is that it will look like a crystal ball.  In the natural world, wormholes cannot exist without something putting it there.  In the see-able universe, we do not see anything which will turn into a wormhole as it ages.  Astronomers are able to see objects which will turn into black holes but nothing with the possibility of a wormhole.  This may be because the wormhole requires two locations to connect through another dimension.  This would be very unlikely.  We can also not see if one were to form because we cannot peer into the next dimension.  As of right now I see no way that we can create a wormhole nor can I fathom a being which exists in the next dimension, as I cannot picture the next dimension.  All in all, wormholes are crazy things which contain matter which has a negative energy and also can take you from point A to point B in a short distance even if they are 100's of light-years away.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Star Trek

The movie Star Trek has many technologies which are just impossible to create at this point in time.  In the movie Star Trek there are a lot of them.  Two which I will be explaining is Warp Drive and also Teleportation.  Both of these things were required for the movie to work.  Teleportation was probably the second most important false technology they had.  Without teleportation, Kirk would have been stuck on the ice planet with no way of getting back onto the Enterprise.  Without a way back onto it, there is no way that he would have been able to take Spock's place as the captain of the ship and Earth would have been destroyed by the mining ship and red matter.  The reason that we cannot create teleportation is because we do not have a way to take the molecules that make up a person and move it to a completely different place which is over thousands of miles away.  Not only would we need to be able to get these molecules from point A to point B fast, but in the same position as they were when they were sent.  If the molecules were not in the same place as they were sent, then it could lead to catastrophic results, such as death and other things which we have no idea about because we haven't tried teleportation.  The technology I feel that is more important is Warp Drive because without warp drive, the ships would have taken way too long to get from planet to planet and there would be no way for Spock to save the elders and also no way for the Enterprise to get back to Earth.  This would also slow the movie down.  Without warp drive we are not even sure how far apart the planets are so it could not be feasible for the same people to leave from Earth and arrive at Spock's home world because they would have aged to a point where they could be dead or much much older.  Warp drive would be going faster than the speed of light.  That is not possible at this time because we cannot make anything travel faster than the speed of light due to Einstein's theory of relativity.  While Einstein's theories still hold, warp drive is not achievable.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Moral Consequences of Science

Both the movie "Gojira" and "Fat Man and Little Boy" had scientists which did not want to use the work they had created.  In "Gojira" it is clear what the position of the scientist is.  The scientist who created the Oxygen Destroyer did not want to use it because he was afraid of what the spectators would do about it.  He did not believe that the world would be safe after its use because other countries would work towards having their own oxygen destroyer and leading to wars which use it.  The scientist said that if it was weaponized it could lead to complete annihilation of any life on Earth.  This relates to the scientists working on the nuclear bombs because what actually ended up happening is other countries started working hard on making their own nuclear bombs and eventually the Cold War started which could have ended in total annihilation of most of the United States and Russia and other places.  In "Fat Man and Little Boy" most of the scientists only had a limited view on what they were doing at the start.  They only looked at it as a way to end Germany and the war.  As they got closer and closer to the end of the project, that was when scientists started to realize the impact it would have.  They were worried about the effect it would have on the people in Japan.  The head scientist, however did not think of the consequences but was thinking of the fame he would have for ending the war.  The scientist in "Gojira" was like the scientists at the end of "Fat Man and Little Boy" because they both did not want to release their creation on the Earth in fear of who else might try to recreate it and use it.  If I were on the Manhattan Project, I would not be able to finish it after realizing what the radiation would do.  I would feel responsible for any lives lost and also for what happened to Michael when he touched the core.  I would not feel right in developing a weapon which can make the area it affects uninhabitable for a period of time and also affects the innocents who are just trying to live.  This would cause me to feel responsible for ruining generations of lives and also people who were not involved in the war.  This would not be something I could bear.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Global warming: the silent killer

There are a lot of people who believe that global warming does not exist.  These people are all wrong.  Global warming does exist and can change this world tremendously.  While global warming may not affect us, it will affect our descendants.  According to, the world will have the average temperature change by 1.4-5.8 degrees Celsius by the year 2100.  This may not seem like much but it would cause for the polar ice caps to melt.  If the polar ice caps melt, sea levels will rise because the ice on land will melt and add more water to the water bodies.  This would also make the animals on the polar ice caps and on the coasts lose their habitat and may cause some animals to become extinct.  This would also affect the coastal cities because the water will rise which recedes the coastline so there will be different coast lines and there will also be massive damage from this due to the destruction of the water and needed evacuation.  Since the temperature will increase, the water temperature in the polar ice caps will also increase.  There is a King Crab which has now migrated close to a continental slope.  Within a few decades the water will be warm enough for the crabs to live on the shelf.  The current wildlife has not had to live with predators such as the King Crab. When the crab moves onto the shelf, it will be like an all you can eat buffet which won't end well for the likes of the Sea Urchins and mollusks.  If the waters were not warming up, the crab would not be able to live so close to the shelf already and would have stayed at the warmer waters.  So global warming will not only affect us, but the wildlife which is around us.