Sunday, October 4, 2015

2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey is a movie which I despise.  The entire film was way to drawn out with each scene taking forever.  While some say that this is a masterpiece, I say that the angles are good, but each scene was too long and also there were many unnecessary parts to each scene which drew the movie out longer than it needed to be.  That's enough about the cinematic scenes, let's get into the physics.

The physics in this movie were pretty much spot on.  They had the spacecraft rotating so that there was centripetal force holding the astronauts to the place they wanted to make the floor (the outside of the circle).  This was the first time that a method like this was used to explain artificial gravity.  There very few scenes in the movie which the physics were poor.  One such scene is when the scientists were on the moon.  During the scene where they walked towards the obelisk, they were walking normally.  This would not have been what happened because the moons gravity is weaker than the Earth's gravity.  This would cause them to have the weird walk where they bounce.

One other scene where physics was good was during the space plane flight.  The pen was floating around because the plane was not rotating.  The flight attendant also had to wear Grip-Shoes in order to walk down the aisle.  Everyone in the plane also had a weightlessness type of look (especially the professor who was sitting).  This was showing the effects of not spinning and creating a centripetal force.

Another scene which was showing good physics was when the spaceship was shown.  There was no noise except for outside added tracks.  This is showing good physics because sound has no medium to travel through in space since space is a vacuum.

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  1. Let's exercise good writing skills in our blog posts. You should have some sort of introduction, then the body of your post, then some sort of conclusion. Your post just ends. And if you're going to open with a statement that you despise the movie, then you should probably go ahead and spend more than 2 sentences explaining why.