Sunday, September 27, 2015

Superman? Or Hoaxman?

Matt Hess

The Physics of Superheroes

The first chapter of this book was about Superman and the beginning of comics.  Superman was the first superhero to come from another planet and make it on Earth.  His original origin story was that the planet he came from was being destroyed so he was went on a spaceship by his Dad so that he may live.  Since he was from a different planet, he was a different being from humans.  The planet he came from, Krypton, has a stronger gravity which is what allowed him to have a few of his powers.  His muscles would be growing in accordance to the gravity on Krypton instead of Earth.  One of the first things Superman can do is leap over buildings and far distance.  The height he can jump is 660 feet.  His estimated mass would be 100 kilograms.  When calculating how much force his leg muscles have to exert to get up to 660 feet at the max height, they would need to push against the Earth at 25,000 kilograms meters/sec^2.  This is something that humans would never be able to do without enhancements.  This means that Krypton's gravity would be around 15 times as strong as Earth's gravity.  Superman has other powers which were introduced in later comics cannot be attributed to the difference in gravity so the comic writers had to come up with something new.  The reason that he has these powers in later comics is because of the yellow sun.  Using science this does not make much sense.

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  1. This is a pretty cursory summary of an entire book chapter. There really isn't much analysis here. You don't even present the complete calculation of the force Superman applies on the Earth.